Level Up Solutions
  • We offer innovative business solutions in the field of VAS services, large-scale promotions and unique advertising integrations!

    Level Up Solutions is a content provider of VAS services and a developer of websites, Telegram bots and mobile applications

  • About us

    A team of professionals with more than ten years of successful experience in the mobile content market, so we know what subscribers need, we are able to analyze their behavior and expand their user experience.

    • Innovations
    • Staff
    • Licenses / Permits
    • We are constantly improving the existing functionality and developing new ones to make it more convenient for you to work with mailings.

    • We study new trends in the field of Internet marketing and strive to provide modern solutions in the service.

    • We employ specialists who achieve their goals in an atmosphere of passion for their work. People are the foundation of our business.

    • Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan AA No. 0006913

  • Services

    The "Level Up Solutions" company has extensive experience in various areas of IT services

    • Promotions “All inclusive”
    • Production
    • We conduct promotions of any complexity with project support at all stages: from working out the mechanics, developing a website and organizing a call center to implementing and holding offline events. Nowadays, Level Up Solutions is a leading company in the field of promotions of any level of complexity and provides high-quality expertise of the selected mechanics

    • Technical support 24/7. We organize a call-center for a specific action or type of activity. Our own call-center makes it possible to provide round-the-clock technical support for your product / service, promptly conduct consultations, surveys and questionnaires, as well as accept and process orders. An innovative technological platform, proprietary software and cooperation with mobile operators allow the call-center to work in the shortest possible time. Each operator is provided with specialized trainings that give a complete picture of the product / service. We exercise control over the activities of all call center processes.

    • A way to increase brand awareness and establish close communication with the consumer. We organize events of any complexity and carry out full coordination of the project at all stages: from concept development to technical support and control over its implementation. Event support allows you to entrust the organization of the event to professionals who will take care of all the hassle associated with the implementation, which enables business owners to deal with more global tasks. We offer unique creative ideas, non-standard technical solutions and a wide range of services for the implementation of the most complex projects.

    • Possibility of creating your own TV project and advertising integration on television. We offer advertising integration of your product / service on our TV show - an interactive TV quiz or the creation of your own large-scale TV project. Television remains one of the most effective promotion channels, including allowing you to reach an audience without access to a high Internet connection. The interactive quiz was developed taking into account the possibility of non-standard advertising integrations that will work to increase brand awareness and increase sales. Conducting an interactive quiz and other TV shows made it possible to analyze audience loyalty and the effectiveness of advertising integrations, which made it possible to create our own video production and develop a competitive proposal for producing third-party TV projects.

    • Solving problems of any complexity on mobile platforms. We develop mobile applications of any complexity with optimization for any platform. Mobile apps allow you to expand your target audience, receive feedback from customers, help increase direct sales and increase brand awareness. Mobile applications offer users tools for solving everyday tasks that help organize work and leisure, find out the latest news, and communicate with friends. Our WEB-studio has been specializing in the development of all kinds of mobile applications for any operating systems for more than 15 years. While developing mobile applications, business requirements, user tasks, technology capabilities and current trends are taken into account, and the most intuitive interface with well-thought-out functionality is created

    • Profit from additional features and in-app purchases. We offer a variety of tools to monetize existing mobile applications such as advertising, paid subscriptions, freemium and freetoplay. Monetization allows you to receive income both immediately after the release of a mobile application and after some time. Developing an individual strategy for monetizing a mobile application makes it possible to significantly increase LTV indicators without creating inconvenience for users

    • An effective way of marketing communications and informing customers. We select the best solutions for SMS-mailing. SMS-informing is a convenient way of quick and personalized contact with clients. The proprietary platform guarantees the security of data transmission. Direct contracts with all mobile operators in Uzbekistan make it possible to cover the coverage area throughout the country.

    • Opportunity to advertise products, services and promotions, covering the entire client base. We send advertising SMS-mailings about your products and services. Mobile advertising allows you to establish communication with consumers and promptly inform about all new products and promotions. Direct contracts with all mobile operators in Uzbekistan make it possible to cover the coverage area throughout the country.

    • В Virtual number for operational communication between the company and customers. We establish direct communication with the brand by creating a short four-digit number with an optimal combination of numbers. A short number (from 2 to 5 digits) for SMS and calls allows you to simplify dialing, sending messages and placing an order, and creating an alphanumeric number (brand name) will increase brand awareness and advertising efficiency. Direct contracts with all mobile operators in Uzbekistan make it possible to cover the coverage area throughout the country.

    • An effective tool for business, a way to attract new customers and increase sales. We develop WEB-sites of any complexity with optimization for any platform. The WEB-site allows you to form a brand image in the online space, use new ways to promote goods and services, as well as maintain the loyalty of regular customers, attracting a new audience. For more than 15 years, our WEB-studio has been specializing in developing websites from scratch with advanced functionality for specific brand tasks. By developing sites, the current trends and tendencies of WEB-design are taken into account.

    • Interaction with users in real time 24/7. We develop Telegram bots of any complexity for specific brand tasks. Telegram bots open up endless possibilities for automating communication processes with users and allow you to quickly solve any problems, from advertising mailings and consulting primary users to booking tables, placing orders, registering in an electronic queue, connecting / disconnecting services and changing tariffs. Our WEB-studio has been specializing in the development of Telegram bots with advanced functionality for over 15 years, which allows you to use all the capabilities of the Telegram messenger.

  • Projects

    The "Level Up Solutions" company managed to do a lot and here are some of them

    • Internet users can download our application from the Play Market for free and enjoy free music hits from all the world's stages

    • Lovers of drinks from the Coca Cola company could participate in a super quiz by purchasing the products of the Coca Cola company

    • Every day on the Yoshlar TV channel, users of the mobile network of Uzbekistan can win valuable prizes, including a cash prize of 1 million Uzbek sums.

      Read the offer
    • By purchasing MacCofee products, customers could win valuable gifts such as a Cobalt Car, a smartphone or a top-up in the amount of 10,000 sums

    • The purpose of the action is to promote products manufactured under the trademarks "Family, Delta, Arktea, Fensi, Rc Cola" in the markets of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The subscriber, having sent an SMS with the code found under the product cover, gets the opportunity to become a member of the Capital - Show "Oltin Kalit", broadcast on TV "Sevimli" and win one of the valuable prizes


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Address: Tashkent city Mirabad district st. Afrosiab 12-A

Phone number: +998 90 900 53 14

Email: info@levelup.uz